About Us


Once upon a time there was a stay at home mum who couldn't handle being at home any longer and knew she was destined for bigger and better things. With years of retail experience under her belt she was one day brain storming of things she could do that would allow her to work, but also have her 12 month old daughter with her. Her daughters name is

Brooklyn the very first inspiration of this story and her mummy's name is

Alison (yours truly) & of course the final piece to the beginning of this story is her husband

Sam and that's where BAS comes from.

So Alison started writing business plans googling punching numbers and working her butt off to make her ideas a reality and like all stories there were set backs. But in true Alison style she did not let them hold her back and finally made her dream a reality. 5 months after opening Bas Le Mode another little baby named Isla joined the team. Alison and her 2 beautiful girls would go to work 6 days a week working to make something not only for her hometown but her family as well. Another 2 years came and so did another little baby to join team Bas Le Mode.  But this time it was a precious little boy named  Deacon. Bas Le Mode is a family run business stocking all the latest in Mens and Womens Fashion, and inside you will also find a coffee bar brewing the best coffee in town. Our 2 favorite F's are Fashion and Family and you will find both of those in store. Bas Le Mode is a small business by supporting us you are not helping a CEO buy their 3rd vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mum put food on her table and continue to live her dream by showing her kids hard work can go a long way. So this is our story of how Bas Le Mode was created. xA